How To Repair Drywall Holes

January 22, 2016

Handyman Salt Lake

Everyone has experienced of having some type of hole or damage to the drywall in their home. It may be a hole the size of a nail or a the size of a quarter.

The drywall damage can occur in the bedrooms, bathroom, or kitchen areas. Most of drywall damage occurs in the living room. This article will explain the basics of repairing small size drywall holes.

Handyman Salt Lake

First, the surface area needs to be free of debris around the drywall hole. So you could use a utility knife and cut away any drywall debris around the hole.

Next, you can use a drywall knife and apply splackling over the hole. Ensure you get enough spackling to enter the hole so it builds a good thick bond. Scrape away any excess spackling to ensure you get a smooth surface. Once finished, let the spackling dry for a day.

Handyman Salt Lake

Next, sand the area with a fine sanding block to get a smooth surface. The last step is paint the area with the matching color of paint.

Thanks for reading our basic guide to repairing small drywall holes!

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